Steven Nagels

Postdoctoral fellow with prof. Wim Deferme at Institute for Materials Research (IMO-IMOMEC), University of Hasselt (since 2019).

VLAIO Innovation Mandate on reliable and repeatable fabrication of electronic circuits which stretch like rubber bands.

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Professional interests lie with stretchable electronics, soft robotics, exoskeletons and printed electronics. Personal interests lie with robotics in general, DIY CNC machines, Prusa 3D printers, energy monitoring systems, indoor positioning and automation of everyday tasks.

I thrive at the crossroads of engineering and creativity.

PhD 100%
Innovation Mandate 25%
Aspiration No 1


Taking the lead of a volunteer-based team has already taught some great lessons.

Aspiration No 2


Coming from a family of entrepreneurs gives me a strong affinity with it.

Aspiration No 3


The context of a project inspires and motivates me to push through.


A selection of projects; both professional and personal



Silicone Devices – the paper


Silicone Devices – the spinoff project