Silicone Devices

Silicone Devices represent a fabrication approach which is unique because it brings technology to the Maker community which used to reside at scientific research groups. In short, stretchable electronics promise to naturalize the way we are surrounded by and interact with our devices. They literally are soft and ‘stretchy’ electronic circuits which open up new possibilities in Human-Computer Interaction and are a key driving technology behind Soft Robotics.

a) stretchable arduino. b) wrist-worn intervalmeter. c) on-skin electronics. d) soft alarm clock pillow. e) 3D surface electronics.

This work came together through collaboration of Raf RamakersKris LuytenWim Deferme and Steven Nagels (that’s me) at Hasselt University, Belgium. The technique presented in this instructable is published at the premier venue in human-computer interaction: Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2018).

There is more in-depth information to read, if you’d like: Here is the project page of Silicone Devices, the full academic publication can be found here, and a more general background on fabrication of interconnect based stretchable electronics can be found here.

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